Roof Fire on Prosperity

On Saturday evening November 5th, BVFD units were alerted to prosperity drive for smoke

Truck and Engine on the house fire in 12′s area

At 8:30 PM hours on November 9th, Company 15 and surrounding units were alerted

Rescue Squad 715 Handles Collision

At 10:30 AM on November 5th, 2014, Company 15 units were alerted for the

Engine and Truck to Laurel Townhouse Fire

At 8:30 am on Tuesday, November 4th Truck 715 was dispatched mutual aide to

Truck runs to 24′s area on the RID

Around 6am on Monday, November 3rd, while Engine and Truck 715 were already on

Rescue Squad 715 on Mass Casualty Incident

Thirteen people were injured during a crash involving four vehicles around 2: 33 PM on

Another Extrication for the Rescue Squad

Around 11PM on October 4th, RS715 was alerted to the area of New Hampshire

Busy evening for Company 15

Busy Evening for Co. 15 As crews were sitting down around 1700 hours on

Annual BVFD Open House!

Saturday, October 4 from 12 – 4 pm, free to public. For kids of